You Love me, till you live with me 1

This is detailed topic and will be posted in three parts .Love is not the problem , Living can be or I say is . Love and affection  is in abundant supply by the human nature . Even  a criminal departs love to his closed associates and siblings . When we start a relationship ,  initially the infatuation generates a very high  quantity of new sets  emotions which  invades the mind .  we are willing to go beyond our natural self  to accommodate and adapt to the new person. A new change in our personality as we add and adjust our character and update our ego and attitude.A want , a demand , routine we previously considered silly , not cool, does not seem too bad any more . New tasks are added to our daily to do list , priorities reshuffled to the convenience of the new person. As our mind is focused on this in detail the perception of time changes and time starts passing slowly . We wait without complaining  . This is the foundation stage .Fast forward a few  years say 3 ..the relationship has matured to a different level. In the limited time we spent together daily in the last few years  we agree that we  know and understand each other reasonably  well ,at least that’s what we think ,  and common sense suggest that its time to move forward  . To authenticate our commitments and loyalty we mutually decide in favour of the ” Living experience ”

Fast forward a few years ..say 5.  The time spent in the first few  years  , the foundation stage , are now memories archived in a zip folder only for references .Routine life and reality has set in . So what has changed and how to deal with . Will write about it in the next post .


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