Say Ai- Artificial Intelligence I

Why is it called “Artificial” intelligence  if its learned and developed . And why should we trust it if its artificial? . What artificiality do we adapt to ? .  Us humans are born with a blank Brian with an appetite . Its learns and develops mainly through academic education , parenting, experience-good and bad  and observation . This input  makes us intelligent to work , live, raise a family , manage responsibility and make decisions . So how on earth with our rational sense and sensibility did we create another level of intelligence which we all fear now to destroy our lives and livelihood. Does it really is the question which remains unanswered with clarity because no body has the precise numbers . Not the economist , not the big data But I think we should start asking questions and demanding real answers . I Read a lot of articles and most of them in the end give only one general message that this will take our jobs . They may or may not , it may self balance .  What we need is real interactive guidance now on how to be prepared . I have too many questions , I am sure the rest of us do to , so let’s start asking . 


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