Ask AI where will the money go for the jobs and function they takeover but not get paid for it .

I understand that AI will naturally change the way we work or will perform the work for us  which is actually very good as far as it makes our lives more convenient . But if it replaces us that is by doing what we do for a living then it is serious problem to think about Lot of money has been spent and invested to create , develop , learn and apply this new power of computing . A time that is now has come to recognize and accept the fact that a lot of tasks that we do in our routine life at home or work will be managed by AI.  I am sure that AI is not free of charge and will need to be bought or developed but like employees there would not be a fixed cost of salaries paid on a Monthy basis . So the question is for the jobs they takeover for which they will not get paid where will the money go and how will the imbalance in human lives be managed . 


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